Clamp Type Sterile Visual Flow Indicators

Clamp Type Sterile Visual Flow Indicators



Visilume’s Sterile Visual Flow Indicator offers easy cleaning, validation and sterilisation so it is ideal for biotech and pharmaceutical applications. The unique o-ring sealing design offers the smoothest internal bore available with minimal bug traps. Polished stainless steel connections include sanitary clamps, orbital weld & Swagelock TS as standard


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The CT-SVFI is a novel sight glass that has been designed with hygienic processing in mind. The glass/ o-ring/flange end is sealed utilising a sanitary clamp.

As there is a mechanical stop, the gasket cannot be over compressed. The use of a clamp connection reduces the need for tools to assemble or disassemble the sight glass. Additional seals provide a secondary barrier to prevent the ingress of contaminants to the seal location.

Also available in Hex-nut style.