Rupture Discs, Type BK

Rupture Discs, Type BK




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Rupture discs are cross-scored, full metal components of nickel, nickel-based materials (Inconel, Hastelloy)* or stainless steel. They are mainly used in processes with medium and high pressures, high operating temperatures and considerable pressure fluctuations. The scoring is located on the atmosphere side of the rupture disc, while the process facing side has a smooth finish so that adherence of the medium is prevented.

Our rupture discs have an imprinted cross-pattern and therefore only require half the nominal diameter as an opening space. They can therefore be installed in very small spaces. If the pressure exceeds the permissible range during the process, the rupture disc ruptures. Thus the pressure can be released immediately.

Our rupture discs are mounted in the holder directly between standard flanges according to EN1092 or ASME B16.5. Furthermore they can be used within the BHS bursting disc holder type. Rupture discs are used for their excellent properties for example in reactors, pressure vessels and gas cylinders either as sole pressure protection or in combination with a safety valve.