Lumistar Lumistrob LS 55-LED

Lumistar Lumistrob LS 55-LED

The frequency of the Lumistrob can be
set using two buttons
• Frame rate: 1 to 110 Hz
• Pulse width: 1 ms
• Different voltage ranges
• 24 V or 120-230 V
• External triggering: external voltage pulse from 12 to 24 V and maximum 1 KHz of
a rotary motion



With the high-quality Lumistrob you can observe moving processes in stirred containers. • The robust Lumistrob has been specially designed for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics production or the food industry. • The Lumistrob is IP65-rated for protection against accidental contact. Dust cannot enter and it is protected against water jets from any direction.


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A stroboscope emits flashes of light at very regular intervals. This makes movements appear like a sequence of still images.

  • Power/voltage: 24 V AC/DC / 120 - 230 V AC
  • Flash frequency: 1 Hz - 110 Hz
  • Pulse width: 1 ms
  • Step width: 250 μs
  • External pulse input: 12 V - 24 V / max. 1 KHz