Holder for bursting discs

Holder for bursting discs




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We have developed the BHS bursting disc holder made of stainless steel to facilitate optimal installation of bursting discs in screw couplings for pipes. Highlight: The BHS can easily be adapted to a wide variety of pipe types – with clamp, ISO-K, ISO-KF or hygienic couplings. It has a high temperature resistance up to 550 degrees centigrade due to its excellent material properties. This bursting disc holder with an average roughness value of less than 0.8 µm is particularly suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

We offer the standard BHS in sizes between DN 25 and DN 80. We will also individually adapt our product specifications to customer requirements. The BHS demonstrates its versatility not only by connecting to different pipe types, but also by combining with various bursting discs: simple and cambered composite bursting discs as well as rupture discs and reverse-buckling bursting discs can be used in the BHS. External centering makes installation easy. A defined fastening torque can be achieved via several screw connections.

Another advantage: The BHS remains undamaged when the bursting disc bursts and can thereafter be reused, thus reducing the investment costs.

The BHS can furthermore be equipped with burst monitoring. This is either based on a signal transducer with an inductive proximity switch that is directly installed into the BHS or a membrane signal transducer that is part of the bursting disc to be installed. Both systems provide a signal to the process control system connected when the bursting disc opens. The plant can then be immediately switched off.