Flanged Bursting Discs

Flanged Bursting Discs




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Flanged bursting discs (flanged rupture disks) are the ideal solution when pressurised systems need to be secured. Their low spatial requirements and fully metallic sealing surfaces are their stand-out characteristics. Flanged bursting discs (flanged rupture disks) can be used in valves and can also protect containers and plants against excessive overpressure: the bursting disc tears in the event of a system failure at the predetermined pressure, the medium can escape in a controlled manner and containers and plants remain undamaged.

Precision and care during the production process are essential. The thin foils allow us to manufacture bursting discs for low pressures from 10 bar upwards – ideal for use in low-pressure applications. We subject our bursting discs to a 100% inspection, ensure the correct material strength of the foil and thus guarantee the burst pressure required.

We offer our customers very small as well as very large series, covering a multitude of different materials, pressures and dimensions. You can choose between the materials nickel, stainless steel and aluminium in sizes from 7 to 21 millimetres in order to match the needs of your application. We are therefore able to make the ideal bursting disc for almost any type of coupling. We also offer the corresponding coupling for it.