Double Glass Sight Glass Fitting

Double Glass Sight Glass Fitting



Bolt-on sightglass fittings for the observation of the internals of pressure vessels, silos, gear-trains, separators, pipelines, etc. These sightglass units can be combined with light fittings for use in explosion hazardous areas and safe areas. The cover flanges can be drilled and tapped to take these light fittings.


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  • Circular flange assembly ready for bolting straight onto weld pad/nozzle flange
  • Glass discs separated by spacer ring and independant seals
  • If damage occurs to one disc, the other maintains service under full operating conditions.
  • Nominal sizes: DN 50 to DN 200
  • Viewing diameter: 50 to 175 mm
  • Materials: stainless, carbon steels and specials
  • Also available with inter glass heating