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Bursting Plugs




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The bursting plugs  are compact, space-saving and watertight. They can be used in cases in which the clamping of loose bursting discs is not possible or not desirable due to space saving requirements or to avoid dead space. Thanks to their compact design, bursting plugs (rupture plugs) can be assembled securely in the most challenging installation conditions.

We weld the burst foil in our bursting plugs (rupture plugs) using laser or capacitor discharge welding on a stainless steel plug. Capacitor discharge welding is the ideal manufacturing procedure for the production of large quantities with a consistently high quality. We manufacture burst foil from nickel-based material (Inconel, Hastelloy)*, stainless steel or titanium to suit your individual requirements either in large volumes or as single components. Bursting plugs (rupture plugs) are suitable to protect against pressures of between 10 and 2,000 bar and temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius. We supply plugs to fit all standard threads as well as special threads at the customer’s request.

These benefits have been appreciated by numerous different branches. Bursting plugs (rupture plugs) are used, for example, in plastic parts production for fire extinguishers and extruders where they withstand high pressures and temperatures.

In order to enhance the safety of your plant even more, we also supply bursting plugs (rupture plugs) with a burst monitoring device. If the permissible operating pressure is exceeded, the burst foil tears open securely and the integrated burst monitoring device sends a signal to the associated plant indicating that the closed circuit has been broken.

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