Bursting caps and plates

Bursting caps and plates




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Bursting caps and plates are single-layered bursting discs made of nickel, nickel-based materials (Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy)* or stainless steel with a particularly high level of leak-tightness. Millions of them are used to safeguard pressure in CO2 cartridges. These cartridges are in turn used to ensure pressure, for example in fire extinguishers. Our bursting caps and plates fulfill three important functions in this case:

  1. Preventing unintentional release of the gas, which would render the fire extinguisher unusable
  2. Bursting reliably and without delay when needed, so that the fire extinguisher is immediately ready for operation.
  3. Preventing a possible explosion of the container due to excessive overpressure, e.g. caused by high temperatures in a fire.

We offers bursting caps and plates in very small as well as large series in the standard sizes 7 millimetres, 8.5 millimetres, 10 millimetres and 14.5 millimetres. They can withstand pressures between 120 and 650 bar and temperatures between minus 80 and plus 450 degrees centigrade. Irrespective of the medium you want to secure – gas, steam or liquid – we will individually adjust the product specifications to your application.

Safe and flawless handling of our products is our primary goal. We therefore mark each bursting cap and bursting plate with the appropriate response pressure and the year of production as well as the batch number, as required. Thus we prevent a potential product mix-up.

Easy installation is another advantage. Unintentional installation of several overlapping parts, in particular for bursting caps, is prevented, so that the bursting caps tear reliably at the bursting pressure specified.